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Experts Industries is a Leading Manufacturer of Bags and Travel Accessories based in Rudrapur, Distt- U.S. Nagar, Uttarakhand. We have expertise in manufacturing the best Travel luggage bags, backpacks, Sleeping, and travel accessories in India. We are the top suppliers of custom-made travel bags for many leading brands and are among one of the Best Contract Bag Manufacturers in India.


Simla Pistore, Lalpur Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, India 263153.


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Our top priority is to build customer satisfaction by delivering superior products.

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About Experts Industries

We Provide The Best Bags & Accessories Since 2021

Being one of the Best Contract Bag Manufacturers in India we focus on Quality Control, Precision and Environmental Sustainability. We deliver all kinds of best Quality Travel & Luggage Bags, Backpacks, and the best travel accessories. We are pioneers in Contract Manufacturing and are listed among the best contract manufacturing companies in terms of Travel Bags and Accessories.

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Miya Draper

Founder Textilery


Quality Policy

Expert Industries is a renowned soft luggage manufacturer and we are committed to becoming a world-class manufacturer, supplier of soft luggage items such as travel bags, school bags, and office bags. To try to accomplish our customer expectations, we have worked towards the major customer requirements such as cost, quality, and on-time delivery. We are working continuously in achieving total customer satisfaction and further improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

We Produce Best Bags

Experts Industries is committed to and has been working continuously to provide customers with quality products and services.


Our Manufacturing Facility

We are pleased to present our modern and new additions that have just joined us in our production category.

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1,450 Satisfied Clients Over The Globe

"Experts Industries has redefined our bag collection. Their designs seamlessly blend elegance with practicality, making them a top choice for our clients."

Rajat Pant
    Rajat Pant

    "Unparalleled craftsmanship and a commitment to perfection set Experts Industries apart. Each bag is a masterpiece that reflects their dedication to quality."

    Himanshu Bisht
      Himanshu Bisht

      "In the world of bags, Experts Industries is a true game-changer. Their attention to detail and innovative designs consistently impress us and our customers."

      Rachit Negi
        Rachit Negi

        "Exceptional bags that resonate with our brand identity – that's what Experts Industries delivers. Their products capture both style and substance impeccably."

        Shubham Joshi
          Shubham Joshi

          "For bag enthusiasts like us, Experts Industries is a treasure trove. Their range of designs, from timeless classics to modern marvels, suits every taste."

          Utkarsh Pant
            Utkarsh Pant

            "Experts Industries has been our reliable partner for years. Their bags adorn our store with a touch of elegance and class that our customers love."

            Yogita sharma
              Yogita sharma

              "Quality, versatility, and prompt service – that's what Experts Industries means to us. Their bags tell a story of dedication to excellence."

              Bhaskar kumar
                Bhaskar kumar

                "Experts Industries crafts bags that don't just carry belongings; they carry stories. Their attention to detail and premium materials make each bag a masterpiece."

                Aman singh
                  Aman singh

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