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Women Handbags For Different Body Types


Women's Handbags For Different Body Type

Women's Handbags For Different Body Types
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Women Handbags For Different Body Types



Imagine going to a party balancing your phone, a napkin, and keys in one hand with a drink in the other. How inconvenient, right? Moments like this make you realise how essential handbags are for women. Especially when the fashion industry has convinced us that pockets in women’s clothings don’t need to be spacious or practical. They should be fashionably small and mostly useless. 


If you need an elegant yet practical handbag to carry your belongings with you so that you could relax and enjoy your day, without worrying about losing your stuff. If you are looking for something that could be practical and flattering at the same time and don’t know where to start, then congrats, you are in the right place! 


I think this article today will give you a kind of insight if you are a beginner and you want to purchase your first handbag, or if you are somebody who already owns plenty of designer handbags then maybe this article can give you some inspiration on what to purchase next.




I think any colour and shape of a handbag can look amazing on a woman who takes care of herself in terms of appearance. However, something is stunning that would look amazing on a particular body type and we are going to talk about them now.


1. If you are tall and have a straight body with a sharp bone structure and taunt skin, then the best handbag for you would be a crisp, geometric-shaped bag. Angular envelopes, clutches or structured briefcases are some better choices for you ladies. Not only the design but the pattern on the bag should be big and geometric. 


Your handbags could have minimal and crisp details on them. The sharpness and preciseness of the bag would complement your beautiful frame. 


On the other hand, carrying a soft and supple bag with delicate details wouldn’t look that good on you, as it would accentuate the sharpness and create an unflattering contrast. 


2. Opposite to the previous body type, if you are on the shorter side with a softer body frame and roundness in features, plus, if you have a rather voluptuous figure, then the best bags for you would be those which are small with rounded edges and intricate details. The material could be soft, supple leather or fabric. 


You must look for ornamental details like – beads, gathers, and delicate shoulder straps. Elegantly slim briefcases would also look appealing on you. 


Sharp geometric designs, big and bulky structures, or lack of details are what you should avoid as they create unflattering contrast. 


3. If you are moderately tall, have symmetrical facial features, a moderate and well-proportioned body, with a slight hourglass shape, the best handbags for you will be – crisply tailored bags which are average in size. 


Supple leather bags, clutches, envelopes, and tailored briefcases would look the best on you. Slim, elegant and minimalistic handbags are also some flattering choices for your kind. 


You should avoid overly sharp and big designs or too small or delicate designs. Anything that is on the extreme side or has quirky details would look out of place on you.


4. If you are moderately tall, have an angular frame with wider shoulders and blunt bones (neither sharp nor rounded), and have some musculature, then the best-suited bags for you will be – Moderate, unconstructed shoulder bags, simple geometric-shaped bags, Box-shaped bags and clutches for the evening. 


Even slightly bulky bags would look great on your wide frame. Beads gathers, artistic patterns etc., are some details which would complement your body shape. 


5. If you are short in height, and have a petite figure with a delicate, straight, and compact body. If you have childlike facial features with a little bit of tomboyish sharpness in bone structure, then – small, crip, and slim briefcase or small, delicate and rounded handbags will be a good choice for you. 


Detailing should be quirky, abstract patterns, hard leather, monochromatic theme, and flamboyant style, all would go very well with your frame. 

Large, bulky, plain handbags or minimal detailing would make you look too young.


Conclusion: Handbags are an expression of who we are and where we stand socially, economically, and in terms of fashion. It is both a form of self-expression and a sign of personal style. Handbags are also a gateway to luxury and glamour. 

Almost all women agree that handbags are essential accessories. Although utility is a crucial factor, you would also want to look and feel elegant while carrying them. That is why it is important to pay attention to which handbag looks good on you. 


The goal is to make every accessory seamlessly become part of you. Remember, people must notice the classy and elegant you, not your accessories! 


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